Jack Vukas

I knew absolutely nothing about a computer three months ago – less than three months ago. Now thanks to Mark Robbins, I know more about a computer than I ever thought I would! Training all done over the phone! I’m so thankful for everything he’s done for me!!!

Jack Vukas

Rahim Quazi

As a do-it-youselfer musician, I have to attract and build a supportive team.  In this era, a large part of the tasks needed to succeed lay in the technical field.

This is where Mark Robbins comes in.  Mark understands the importance of connecting the artist to their audience. In my case, he built a website that was tailor made to meet my goals.
He keeps it updated and handles technical issues as they arise. And now, Mark is helping me create and maintain my YouTube page. 
Whatever need or even future need, Mark is thinking and offering me thoughts and solutions.  And, along the way, Mark is kind and patient. 
I appreciate his support, friendship and expertise.

Peter Ambler

Mark is a talented person who has earned our  trust with propriety solutions he developed. Never hesitant to use initiatives to recommend an  alternative of options. Mark has grown our company, increasing revenues, as well as developing  recruiting advertising, which solved hiring road blocks. Mark’s consulting initiatives have proven value!